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Mold Inspection, Testing, and Remediation Services

Providing mold inspection, testing, and remediation services for residential and commercial properties in Maryland.

Green Clean Restoration has been creating stability in homes and commercial spaces for years with our mold restoration services. You can count on our certified team members to get your mold issues resolved and make your home as safe as possible.

As a homeowner, you know that it is never good to find mold or signs of mold in your home. Mold brings with it bacteria, spores, and an unhealthy environment. You don’t want your family members to be breathing in mold spores, which is why it’s so important to get rid of the mold in your home as soon as it is found.

If you know or suspect that there may be mold in your home, and you live near Baltimore, Maryland, call Green Clean Restoration right away. We know the best way to remove mold from your home and get the spores out of the air you breathe. We have a tried-and-true method for finding, testing, and removing mold quickly and safely. When you trust Green Clean Restoration with all your mold remediation needs, you will quickly notice the difference and will no longer have to worry about the air your family is breathing. 

Green Clean Restoration will take care of all steps of the mold remediation process, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Our services include:

  • Mold inspections
  • Mold testing
  • Mold containment
  • Mold removal
  • Deodorization
  • Sanitization
  • Prevention

Hopefully, you haven’t had to deal with mold problems before. This means that you may not know what each of these terms and services really means. Here’s some more information about each step in the mold remediation process, so you know exactly what is going on in your home when you hire Green Clean Restoration to remove mold. 

Mold Inspections

If you’ve owned or rented a home for long, then you know that having inspections can save you a ton of money and keep something from breaking or causing a lot of problems. This is also true when it comes to mold. When you hire Green Clean Restoration to inspect your home for mold, we’ll be able to find any mold that is currently growing in your home and identify any places where mold may grow in the future. This will save you a lot of money and hassle in the future because you’ll be able to take care of the problem now before it grows out of hand.

Mold can grow just about anywhere there is even a hint of moisture, so it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of mold and take quick action when you do find some. There are several signs that mold may be present or will soon become present in your home. Some of those signs are:

  • Musty basement, crawl space, or attic
  • Recent water damage
  • Warping, cracking or peeling window ledges or door frames
  • Wet carpet or wood
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Rust
  • Warping walls

There are several more signs to watch out for as well, but these are the most common signs of mold in your house. If you notice any of these signs or believe there may be mold in your home, call Green Clean Restoration for an inspection and mold testing.

Mold Testing

 When you schedule a time for Green Clean Restoration to inspect your home for mold, we’ll be able to test any mold we find and determine whether or not it needs to be removed immediately or if it can safely wait for a few weeks before being removed. Mold testing provides information on the type and the amount of mold present, which is important to know when deciding how and when to remove the mold. Some molds are more harmful than others and it’s important to test any mold patches found and determine the kind. Testing also helps identify mold you can’t see, which is crucial for completely ridding your home of mold.

If you want to get an idea of what mold may be present in your home before contacting a mold remediation company like Green Clean Restoration, you can purchase a mold testing kit and try it out yourself. While this may give you a general idea of how bad the problem is, you should always contact a professional to test, contain, and remove any mold found in your home.

Mold Containment

 Mold containment is part of the mold remediation process. When mold is removed, whether you choose to remove it yourself (only recommended for small patches of mold) or it is removed by a professional, mold spores tend to fly around and spread throughout an area. Obviously, we don’t want this to happen. Green Clean Restoration takes several steps to ensure that mold spores are contained and do not spread to other areas of your home.

Mold Containment also involves making sure that our mold technicians are protected from mold spores. Our technicians will wear protective gear, lay plastic around the area, set up air filters, and more to contain the mold and keep the rest of your home safe from spreading spores.

Mold Removal

 When people think of mold removal, they usually believe this means getting rid of every trace of mold possible. This isn’t quite true. Because mold grows wherever it is damp and is constantly spreading spores around, it is impossible to get rid of every single mold spore in your home. But we can certainly get rid of most mold spores and keep the spore levels in your air at safe levels.

Mold removal is the part of the remediation process where the mold is actually removed and the area scrubbed free of current mold. Green Clean Restoration technicians will get rid of every spore possible and take preventative measures to hopefully keep much mold from growing in the future.


 Depending on how much mold there was and what kind it was, your home may stink after the mold is removed. You’ve probably noticed a musty smell for a while now if the mold was large enough, but that smell will take a long time to go away without our Green Clean Restoration deodorization process. Using a mixture of safe chemicals, air filters, and air purifiers, we’ll be able to get your home smelling good as new without a hint of mold. You’ll be grateful we did!


The next step of the mold remediation process is sanitization. Mold is unsanitary at best and can leave some serious toxins and bacteria behind even after being removed. Now it’s time to sanitize the surface and any fixtures or materials and leave your home good as new.

Depending on how bad the mold was, you may need to replace furniture, tile, wood, or plaster. Sometimes these surfaces just can’t be cleaned enough to be safe, but we promise to do our best to preserve everything in your home. By the time we’re done sanitizing your home, it will be good as new and you’d never guess there used to be a patch of nasty mold living in your home.


The last part of the mold remediation process is prevention. Because mold can never truly be entirely removed, it’s important to always be vigilant and take care of any mold that pops up quickly. This will keep the mold levels safe and make it easy to stay on top of new mold patches.

It’s extremely important to take preventative measures starting as soon as the mold in your home is removed. By safeguarding your home against future mold infestations, you’ll save money in the future and will keep your family breathing safe air.

The first part of preventing future mold growth is to identify what caused the mold in the first place. If you know that there was a leaking pipe causing the mold, get the pipe fixed and take measures to prevent this problem in the future. If you know that mold grew in your bathroom because your kids kept splashing in the tub, you can make sure to teach them to stop splashing and more thoroughly clean up water in the future.

Here are a few general tips to prevent mold from growing in your home:

  • Keep humidity levels in your home low
  • Make sure the air in your home flows freely
  • Fix leaking roofs, pipes, or walls as soon as the leak appears
  • When painting walls, use mold-resistant paint

If you’ve noticed mold in your home or suspect that mold may be growing, call Green Clean Restoration and schedule an inspection. We’ll take care of all steps of the mold remediation process and your home will soon be good as new. Don’t let your family breathe in dangerous mold spores, call Green Clean Restoration today and get started on removing mold in your home!

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